This legacy page archives the 2015 event. Join us for our next Forum in 2017!

Event Over


It is not uncommon for students to seek help from a college essay writing service.Most session leaders and panelists used a presentation package to support their sessions. This page includes PowerPoints used throughout the Global Learning Forum. We hope that they will be useful to you and only ask that you do not re-post without permission.

Presentations are also accessible through the schedule. Simply choose the day and then select the session you would like to view.

May 14, 2015


Renewable Energy Global Status Update and Trends

Innovative Financing for Urban Renewables

Trends, innovations, and barriers in electrifying transportation

Knowledge Mobilization Sessions

1. Walk the Talk: The City of Copenhagen as a leader in the green transition

2. Life is an electric highway: A review of successful EV uptake policies globally

3. Aesthetics, integration, and building support for urban renewables

4. Building citizen and political will for 100% renewable energy: Global learning’s from Germany’s energy transition:

5. Realities of renewable energy implementation in cities: A financing and policy perspective

6. Climate change: Investment risks and opportunities for institutional investors

7. “Smart Cities”: Not your only option

8. Overcoming barriers to district energy development: Experience from C40 cities

9. Solarizing schools in Brazil and showcasing social benefits of renewables projects in poor communities

10. Leading the world: C40 city successes in energy, transport, and finance

11. State/provincial level tools to enable local government action on mitigation

12. Unlikely stories: Coal country, jobs, urban renewable, and renewable energy

13. Working with citizens and politicians for ambitious renewable energy targets: Perspectives from developed and developing countries

14. Beyond benchmarking: Using data to drive energy efficiency action

15. Lessons from Japan: Sharing experiences from the City of Yokohama on renewable energy and energy management

16. Energy efficiency: What the IEA calls “the first fuel” for cities

Peer to Peer Sessions

17. Dispelling doubt: How 100% RE is practical and achievable for municipal policymakers

18. Developing create energy cooperatives in an uncooperative environment

19. Getting to a climate change commitment of 80% by 2050: The role of renewable energy

20. Power without: Local and regional government strategies for building stakeholder alliances to achieve 100% renewable energy when cities do not control their utilities

21. Power within: Defining the goals, overcoming the barriers, and achieving 100% renewable electricity for cities with utility influence

23. Laying the groundwork for district energy

24. Urban gymnastics: Circumventing laws and building codes that are not renewable energy friendly

May 15, 2015


Renewable Cities – Call to Action

Intent to Action Sessions

25. Creating 100% renewable energy laws that are difficult to repeal

26. Communication renewable energy: Positioning, persuading, and popularizing

27. Interactive tools to engage the public in community energy planning

28. Pathways to Paris: Local governments’ roles in national plans

29. Leveraging consumer power to finance renewable energy

30. Opportunities with Green City bonds

31. Crash course in rate setting: Integrating distributed energy into the grid, not just a technical challenge

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