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Bertram Fleck

Bertram Fleck was the head of the German Rhine-Hunsrueck District Authority (“Landrat”/Chief Administrative Officer) for 26 years until April 2015. In this role he managed 400 staff and served a population of over 100,000 in 137 communities. Thanks to energy efficiency measures and district energy, biomass, solar, and wind energy systems, the district has been a net electricity exporter since mid-2012. Currently it produces approx. 220 % of its electricity demand from renewables (mainly wind power).

The dynamic development of the Rhine-Hunsrueck district into a flagship region for energy has been recognised through numerous national and international awards, including the European Solar Prize 2011 and second place in the European Champions League for Renewables 2014.

Bertram Fleck’s expertise as a “local energy transition practitioner” has been sought after for years. He regularly gives presentations and panel sessions for municipalities and at conferences domestic and abroad, He now is a senior adviser of the Ministry of Energy of Rhineland-Palatinate.

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